Animal Carcass Disposal

Handling of Dead Animals from a Natural Disaster and/or Disease
The landfill should not accept any dead animals without knowing the cause of death. Those killed by natural disaster may be accepted at the landfill but those that die because of any type of disease transmissible to humans cannot be accepted. This is in accordance with Iredell County Code, specifically Sections 12-2 and 12-16. 

It is strongly recommended by the United States and North Carolina Department of Agricultures that all dead animals that result from either a disaster and/or disease are disposed on the site where they are being raised. It is better not to transport for the safety of public’s health and the safety of landfill operations. 

The producers are required by law to report any diseases to NCSDA&CS, Animal Health Programs at 919-733-7601, also the Veterinary Public Health Office at 919-707-5900.

The West Nile Virus is also to be reported to the Public Health Pest Management Section at 877-790-1747.

Landfill Protocols
  • If carcasses are accepted by Iredell County the following protocols should be followed:
  • Carcasses may only be accepted from 8 a.m. - 2 p.m
  • Carcasses must be covered by at least 3 feet of soil or waste or any combination of the 2
  • The cause of death should be noted if it was possible to make determination
  • Equipment used in disposal should be washed and disinfected prior to maintenance activities
  • The landfill should be notified at least one hour prior to delivery