Campaign Finance Reports

Campaign Finance reports are posted for committees who have filed over the $1,000 threshold. Candidates who intend to spend less than $1,000 are not required to file campaign reports.

Please be advised that the Iredell County Board of Elections started posting campaign reports online as of March 10, 2011. All campaign finance reports are audited by the Board of Elections and the committees are contacted for explanation of any discrepancies we may find. These discrepancies may not be posted on our website, however all campaign finance records, including those committees not on the ballot and past records, are available in our office for public viewing or copies can be made for a small fee.

Types of Campaign Committees
There are 3 types of campaign committees:
  1. Active committees continuously raise and spend funds. They are required to file campaign reports until becoming “Inactive” or “Closed.”
  2. Inactive committees suspend all fundraising and spending. These committees still have money in their campaign account, but are not required to file any additional campaign reports until their status changes back to “Active."
  3. Closed committees do not wish to continue fundraising or making expenditures. These committees have satisfied all loans, debts, and obligations, and have disbursed all money in their campaign account.